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Massage treatments range from relaxing pampering treatments, to deep tissue sports massage. They gently ease away tension and muscular knots, or focus directly on injured or problem tissues.

All massage treatments are tailored to the needs of each individual, so you'll leave pampered, refreshed and invigorated with increased range of motion and decreased stress levels.

Massage has claimed to be the oldest manual therapy, with roots in one of the most basic human needs, the need to be touched.

We have all known the comforting touch of our parents or the benefits of a hug. It can restore our bodies, revive our minds and lift our spirits, which explains the continued and increasing popularity of massage treatment.

Whether your treatment is a stimulating deep tissue massage to free up tense muscles or a relaxing full body massage, there will be a general health screen to ensure that you are safe and suitable to treat followed by an examination (if appropriate) prior to the start of the treatment.

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